Gift Jar – 5 Ideas for Homemade Holiday Presents

If you are looking for one good idea for a craft item that you can use for everyone on your gift list, then look no further. A gift jar is the perfect present that can be personalized to suit anyone. The basic concept is to take any size or shape jar, fill with contents that the recipient would enjoy and decorate to suit the theme.

1. Mix Jar. Think brownies, cookies and soups – any of these foods could be used for a mix jar gift. Just layer the dry ingredients in the jar (don’t just dump them all in together – presentation is important), then neatly print or type the recipe on card stock and attach to the neck of the jar with twine or ribbon. Be sure to include on the recipe card all wet ingredients that must be added.

2. Beach Jar. Make this gift jar for the beach bum in your life. Fill the jar with seashells or sea glass (either can be purchased in bulk at a craft supply store). Cover the top surface of the lid with glue and dip in sand. Allow this to dry, then glue a seashell in the middle of the lid. Finish by wrapping thin rope or twine around the edge of the lid.

3. Candle Jar. Purchase a set of small jars and a candle-making kit at a craft supply store and make jar candles for everyone on your list. By making them yourself, not only are you saving money, but you are also able to personalize the candles for each recipient. Different scents and colors can be used to make your candle jars unique. Attach a small box of matches or a matchbook to the jar with ribbon or glue.

4. Food Jar. Fill these jars with any dry, nonperishable food item that you think your friends or family would enjoy. Popcorn, coffee beans and jelly beans are just a few of the kinds of foods that would make a great gift and also look good in a jar. If the contents are something that need to be measured when used (such as coffee), attach a small scoop to the outside of the jar with ribbon or twine.

5. Toy Jar. This is perfect for the kids on your list. Bear in mind that you don’t need to use glass jars; plastic jar-shaped containers work just as well (as long as they are clear and the contents will show) and remove the risk involved with giving an item to a child that might possibly break and cause harm. Fill these jars with a colorful item, such as rubber bouncy-balls, play dough (you can either fill a jar with small containers or layer the play dough in the jar) or crayons. Finish with ribbon tied around the neck of the jar and consider attaching something with the ribbon that relates to the toy(s) inside (for instance, a jar filled with play dough could have shape cutters attached).

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